Defining Xerox PDF printer devices

Xerox PDF printer devices represent specific models of Xerox printers that can print PDF files using XRX and XPIF (Xerox Printing Instruction Format) tickets. Jobs are assigned to Xerox PDF printers using scheduling properties.
Both Xerox PDF printer devices and Passthrough printer devices can print jobs in PDF format. Xerox PDF printer devices support more functions such as sending values for media and finishing to the printer. If Xerox PDF printer devices support your printer model, we recommend that you define a Xerox PDF printer device rather than a Passthrough printer device.
To define a Xerox PDF printer device:
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the left pane, click Devices → Printers.
  3. Click Actions → Add → Xerox → PDF Printer.
  4. Click Add → Xerox PDF Printer.
  5. On the General tab, fill in values for all the required fields.

    • You must select a printer driver that works with your printer type. Refer to your printer driver’s configuration information for the software version.
    • The printer driver reports status information in the language that you selected when you installed the Ricoh ProcessDirector server. To receive messages from this printer in a different language, set the Printer language property appropriately.
  6. On the Scheduling tab, enter the values that you want Ricoh ProcessDirector to use to assign jobs to this printer. Leave the values blank or Not set for any properties that should not be used for scheduling. Those values match any values specified by the corresponding job scheduling properties.
    If you want to schedule jobs to a printer based on media, keep these items in mind when you set the Media supported property:
    • If you choose specific media, only jobs that use that media can be scheduled to this printer.
    • If you choose Ready media objects, only jobs that require the media that is currently loaded in the printer can be scheduled to the printer.
    • If you choose All media, all jobs can be scheduled to the printer, regardless of what media is actually loaded.
  7. Click OK.
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