Importing WSDL files

A Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file describes how a SOAP web service is called, including the parameters it accepts and the data structures it returns. You import WSDL files for all SOAP web services that you call to communicate with an application. Ricoh ProcessDirector creates SOAP request objects from SOAP operations in each WSDL file.

Ricoh ProcessDirector SOAP web service input devices and notifications and CallSOAPService steps call SOAP web services. Before you define a Ricoh ProcessDirector object or step that calls a SOAP web service, import the WSDL file associated with the SOAP web service.

  • SOAP web service input devices and notifications are included in the Web Services Enablement feature.

To import WSDL files:

  1. Download to your computer all the WSDL files required to make calls to SOAP web services provided by the application.
  2. In the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface, click the Administration tab.
  3. In the left pane, click System → Import WSDL.
  4. In the left pane, click Utilities → Import WSDL.
  5. Type a value for the WSDL prefix property.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector prepends this value and a hyphen to the name of each SOAP request object that it creates.

    For example, the WSDL file contains 2 SOAP requests: GetOrdersByDate and GetOrdersByOrderNumber. Type DigitalStore in the WSDL prefix field. After you import the WSDL file, the names of the 2 SOAP request objects are DigitalStore-GetOrdersByDate and DigitalStore-GetOrdersByOrderNumber.

  6. Click Choose and select a WSDL file that you downloaded to your computer.

    The name of the WSDL file appears following the Choose button, for example, Orders.xml.

  7. Click Browse (Image) and select a WSDL file that you downloaded to your computer.

    The name of the WSDL file appears following the Browse button (Image), for example, Orders.xml.

  8. Click Import.

    An informational message shows the names of the SOAP request objects that Ricoh ProcessDirector created.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the value of the WSDL prefix property as the name of the WSDL file. The extension is wsdl-number where number is a 13–digit number. For example: DigitalStore.wsdl-1234567890123. Ricoh ProcessDirector places the WSDL file in the /aiw/aiw1/wsdl directory (AIX and Linux) or the C:\aiw\aiw1\wsdl directory (Windows).

  9. To import another WSDL file, repeat these steps.
  10. When you finish importing WSDL files, click Close.

The SOAP request objects that you import become selections for the SOAP request property. You set a value for that property when you define a SOAP web service input device, a SOAP web service notification, or a CallSOAPService step.

You cannot edit or delete a SOAP request object.

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