Ink Savvy

Ink Savvy analyzes PDF print jobs that you plan to send to an InfoPrint 5000 and determines the optimal ink usage for them. It can help reduce ink usage while maintaining the quality of the output.

This feature adds the RunInkSavvyOnJob step template to the list of supplied step templates. That step is similar to the RunHotFolderApplication step. The step copies a file to a directory that the Ink Savvy tool monitors, then waits for the tool to return a new file. After Ink Savvy returns the file, Ricoh ProcessDirector continues processing the job with the next step.

When you add the step template to a workflow, you indicate the file to send to Ink Savvy, the folder that sends jobs to Ink Savvy, the folder that Ink Savvy uses to return the updated file, and the values to use to monitor for the updated file.

You can use this step together with the PreviewPrint step to create print samples of the job before and after this step runs, then compare the results. If you also install the Ink Estimation feature, you can create workflows that estimate ink usage before and after the RunInkSavvyOnJob step as well. The samples and estimates can help demonstrate the cost savings for printing a job after Ink Savvy processes it.

The Ink Savvy feature includes two CDs: one holds the Ink Savvy feature for Ricoh ProcessDirector and the other holds the Ink Savvy tool.

The list of supported operating systems is located on the Ink Savvy CD.

The computer must be configured so the primary server can access directories on it.

  • If your primary server runs on a Windows computer, you can install the Ink Savvy tool on that computer as long as it meets that additional hardware requirements for the tool.

The feature also includes a USB key that holds the license for the Ink Savvy tool. The USB key must be inserted in the Windows computer to run the Ink Savvy tool. If the key is removed, the Ink Savvy tool stops running.

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