Inserter reconciliation methods

Ricoh ProcessDirector reconciles each job after the job finishes insertion. During reconciliation, Ricoh ProcessDirector determines which documents in the job were damaged and need to be reprinted, and which documents to pull (remove) from the job. The reconciliation method tells Ricoh ProcessDirector whether to reconcile damaged documents automatically, or manually with operator control.

When the administrator configures job workflows for insertion, the administrator selects the reconciliation method in the step based on the Reconcile step template. An operator can change the reconciliation method for a particular job by editing the job's properties and changing the value in the Automatic reconciliation property.

The reconciliation methods are:

Automatic reconciliation

When a job finishes insertion, Ricoh ProcessDirector automatically reconciles the documents in the job and reprints any damaged documents. Use this method if operators in your installation use the interface of the inserter controller to reconcile jobs.

Operator action in Ricoh ProcessDirector is required in these situations even with automatic reconciliation:

  • The inserter controller does not report a status for one or more documents in the job, and the Default insert status property of the inserter controller is not set.
  • The documents to be reprinted exceed the percentage of reprints allowed for the job in the Maximum documents to reprint (%) property.

Manual reconciliation

When a job finishes insertion, the operator selects the Reconcile action to start manual reconciliation for the job. Then the operator uses the Reconcile Job page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface to select an action for each document in the job.

The Reconcile Job page shows the insert status of each job and the initial action that Ricoh ProcessDirector has determined for each document, based on the insert status of the document and the value of the Default insert status property on the inserter controller.

The operator can request one of these actions for each document:

  • OK: Document is not reprinted.
  • Pull: Document is marked “pulled” (removed from the job) in the database and is not reprinted.
  • Reprint: Document is reprinted.

Ricoh ProcessDirector can use the automatic reconciliation method only if the inserter controller creates an inserter results file (or files). Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the status reported in inserter results files to determine which documents in a job have been damaged during insertion and need to be reprinted. If the inserter controller does not create inserter results files, Ricoh ProcessDirector must use the manual reconciliation method.

If the original job is retained in the system after it has completed, the operator can use the Ricoh ProcessDirector Process Again action to reprint any documents in the job. This function is useful if the operator discovers additional damaged documents after reconciliation.
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