Service policies

A service policy defines job checkpoints and the service level agreement (SLA) deadline. Checkpoints let you track the progress of jobs as they flow through the system; the SLA deadline represents the time that the job must complete a specific processing step to meet your commitments to your clients.

Examples of performance commitments are:

  • Jobs will be printed 4 hours after they arrive in the system.
  • Jobs will be printed by 18:00 on the day they arrive if they arrive in the system before 10:00. Otherwise, they will be printed by 18:00 the next day.
  • Jobs will be ready to mail by 16:00 on the day after they arrive.

In addition, a service policy specifies whether Ricoh ProcessDirector should adjust the job checkpoints and deadline to skip over any times when services are not provided, such as holidays and weekends. Ricoh ProcessDirector can make sure that the job checkpoints and any deadlines do not occur during no-service periods.

Each service policy defines job checkpoints and an SLA that apply to one specific performance commitment. For example, if an installation has three performance commitments for different types of jobs or for different clients, the administrator would create three service policies.

The administrator can associate each service policy with one or more workflows. As each job arrives in the system, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the service policy that is associated with the workflow to set checkpoints and a deadline for the job.

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