Adjusting Service Level Agreements for weekends and holidays

When you negotiate your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), you use No-service periods for days you are closed, such as weekends and holidays. The days that you are closed are not considered when calculating SLA deadlines.

To accommodate holidays, the administrator creates a No-service period. Ricoh ProcessDirector accounts for the No-service period when it calculates the SLA deadline and uses the correct deadline to track the status of the job against the SLA. No-service periods can only be used when tracking to a checkpoint. You cannot use No-service periods with the SetDeadline step or when tracking to a schedule.

For example:

  • A customer has a 72-hour SLA, and submits a job at 1:00 PM Friday. Because you are closed Saturday and Sunday, the 72-hour SLA deadline is 1:00 PM Wednesday.
  • A customer has a 24-hour SLA, and submits the job at 4:30 PM on December 31. You are closed on January 1 for the New Year's holiday, so the SLA deadline is 4:30 PM on January 2.

To add a No-service period for the New Year's holiday, the administrator:

  • Navigates to the Service Level Agreements section of the Administration tab and selects No-service period.
  • Navigates to the Objects section of the Administration tab and selects No-service period.
  • Adds a new No-service period.
  • Names the No-service period by typing New Years Day Holiday in the No-service period name field.
  • Adds a description of the holiday in the Description field.
  • Selects the day of the holiday in the Day field and month of the holiday in the Month field by setting Day to 1 and Month to 1 for January.
  • Sets the year of the holiday or leaves the Year field empty so that it repeats every year. In this scenario, the holiday repeats every year, so the Year field is left blank.

    • If the No-service period changes from year to year, you must specify a year and make a separate No-service period for each year.
  • Sets the Start time of the holiday. In this scenario, the start time is set to 12:00 AM.
  • Sets the End time of the holiday. In this scenario, the end time is set to 11:59 PM.

Once set, this No-service period repeats every year for the New Year’s Day holiday. Ricoh ProcessDirector calculates the job processing schedule for when the business is closed. When the business opens on January 2, printing resumes with the SLA checkpoints adjusted to accommodate the holiday.

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