Running the Electronic Presentment sample workflow

The Electronic Presentment feature provides a sample workflow that stores data in a sample repository for use by an example user interface, which is separate from the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface.

The sample objects and files used in this workflow include:

  • Workflow: ElectronicPresentmentSample
  • Sample input device: ElecPresFolder
  • Sample history record notification: EPSampleHistory
  • Sample repository: ElecPresRepository
  • Sample PDF files:
    • /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/ElecPresDemo.pdf and ElecPresDemo2.pdf (Linux and AIX)
    • C:\aiw\aiw1\testfiles\ElecPresDemo.pdf and ElecPresDemo2.pdf (Windows)
  • Sample PDF control file:
    • /aiw/aiw1/testfiles/ElecPresDemo.ctl (Linux and AIX)
    • C:\aiw\aiw1\testfiles\ElecPresDemo.ctl (Windows)

To run the sample workflow:

  1. Log in to Ricoh ProcessDirector.
  2. Click the Main tab.
  3. In the Printers portlet, select the Sample printer and click Actions → Enable.
  4. On the Input Devices portlet, select the ElecPresFolder hot folder input device and click Actions → Enable and Connect.

    The first time you try this procedure, Ricoh ProcessDirector immediately submits the ElecPresDemo.pdf and ElecPresDemo2.pdf jobs to the ElectronicPresentmentSample workflow.

    When the jobs reach the ToMailroom step, which is based on the Wait step template, they are held for two minutes to simulate the time required to process jobs in the mailroom.

  5. In the Jobs table, find the jobs and check to see that the value in the Phase column for each job is Complete.

    The ElecPresDemo.pdf and ElecPresDemo2.pdf files and their documents are now stored in the ElecPresRepository repository.

  6. Click the Archive tab.
  7. In the Search portlet, select the ElecPresRepository repository.
  8. Select Address block line 1 from the Property drop-down menu, = (equal to) from the Comparison drop-down menu, type Myrna Donald in the Value field, and click Search.

    The Results table displays two statements for Myrna Donald.

The functions that store data in a repository, search for the data, and display it on the Archive page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface are part of the Archive feature.
You can now run the Electronic Presentment example user interface to retrieve the data stored in the ElecPresRepository repository. The Web services calls that retrieve the data for a user interface that you build are part of the Electronic Presentment feature.
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