Downloading and installing license keys for Ricoh ProcessDirector

If you have purchased Ricoh ProcessDirector or any feature, use this procedure to download license keys and install them.

  • You must use the legacy user interface for this procedure.

Before you begin this procedure:

  • Install Ricoh ProcessDirector in trial mode.
  • If you have not already purchased the software, contact your local Ricoh support representative or sales representative.
    After you purchase the software, Ricoh Production Print sends an email to the email address provided when the order was placed with the Entitlement Management System (EMS) - Entitlement Certificate in the subject line. This email contains an Entitlement ID (EID).
  • Follow all the steps in this procedure each time that you receive an email with an Entitlement ID for Ricoh ProcessDirector components that you have purchased.
  • License keys are specific to the release of Ricoh ProcessDirector that you have installed. Be sure that the version on the About dialog matches the information in the email.
To download and install license keys:
  1. Open Ricoh ProcessDirector.
  2. Click the (information icon) button at the right of the banner and select About.
  3. Click the link to open the license activation website.
  4. On the website, find the Login Using list and select EID.
  5. Find the EID in the email and type or paste it into the EID field.
  6. Click Login.
  7. Select the license you want to activate.
  8. Click Activate.
  9. Type or paste the system fingerprint from the License Management dialog in the System Fingerprint/Locking Data field. Make sure to include the asterisk (*) at the beginning of the system fingerprint.
  10. Click Generate.

    If you see an error message that the license could not be generated because checksum validation failed, you entered an incorrect system fingerprint.
  11. Select what you want to do with the license file:
    • Select Save to File to save the license file to your computer.

      Note the hostname and the fingerprint (without the *) when saving the license file.This is valuable information to have when recovering from a hard drive failure.
    • To add the license keys to an existing license file, select Append To File.
    • To email yourself a copy of the license file, select E-mail.

      Check the email address in the Contact field. If a copy of the email (including the license key file) should be sent to a different email address, click E-mail. Type the email address and click Send.
  12. Log out from the EMS website.
  13. If you received the license key file in an email, transfer it to your local computer.
  14. In the License Management dialog, click Choose File and select the license file you want to install.

    Depending on the Internet browser being used, the Choose File button might be named differently, such as Browse.
  15. Click Add license.
  16. After the license is added, click Close.
  17. Restart Ricoh ProcessDirector to complete the installation.

    If the trial period expires before you restart Ricoh ProcessDirector, Ricoh ProcessDirector shuts down.
  18. To verify that the base license has installed correctly:
    1. Go to Administration → System → Log.
    2. In the table, verify the base license is installed. If installed correctly, there is a line that reads There are X days left on the maintenance license for Ricoh ProcessDirector.
  19. To verify that a feature license has installed correctly:
    1. Go to Administration → System → Features.
    2. Find the recently installed feature in the table and verify the License State column reads Active License.
The license keys for Ricoh ProcessDirector and all purchased features are now installed on the primary computer. Any feature without a license key remains in trial mode until its trial period ends. If you purchase an additional feature or renew your maintenance on the product, repeat this process to install the new key.

When the trial period ends, the steps and objects that are supplied with the feature stop working, but remain on the system. Installing a license key after you purchase the feature activates the steps and objects without requiring a reinstall.

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