Number of sets

When the batching method is Number of sets, the hot folder input device submits one or more jobs after a specific number of sets of files are received. Only complete sets of files are counted and submitted.

For a set to be complete, all of these conditions must be true:

  • A file matching the value in the Data patterns property is present.
  • If a value is entered for the Overrides patterns or JDF patterns properties, a file matching one or both of those values is present.
  • If there are any entries specified for File patterns, a file matching each value is present.

When the number of complete sets reaches the value set for the Number of files to batch property, the hot folder submits the sets as a group with one set in each child job. If the Create .zip file property is set to Yes, a single job containing all of the files in all of the sets is submitted in ZIP file format.

When you use the Number of sets batching method, set these input device properties as indicated:

  • Workflow: ParentNoPrint
  • Child workflow: The workflow that is appropriate for the print files in the job.
  • Submit step: SubmitInputFiles
  • Create .zip file: If this property is set to Yes, all of the files are combined as a ZIP file and submitted as a single job. If this value is set to No, each set is submitted as a child job.
  • Number of files to batch: The number of sets that the hot folder waits to receive before submitting them as a single group.
  • Data patterns: A pattern that matches some part of the file name of your print files. For hot folder input devices, the default value is the regular expression: .*$. That pattern matches all file names.
  • File Patterns: A collection of patterns that can define files that are required to be included in a set.
  • JDF patterns: One or more pattern-matching strings used to identify Job Definition Format (JDF) job tickets. If this property has a value specified, a JDF job ticket is required for the set to be complete.
  • Overrides patterns: One or more pattern-matching strings used to identify files that contain values for job properties.
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