Batching methods

The way that hot folder input devices submit jobs is determined by the Batching method property of the input device.

By default, using any batching method except None causes an input device to create jobs as groups that use the parent/child structure. A parent job contains no print data; it is a container that maintains the relationship between other print jobs. Those jobs are child jobs. Each input file that a batching method includes in a group becomes a child job.

  • If you set the Create .zip file property of an input device to Yes, the input device does not create groups of jobs that use the parent/child structure. Instead, the input device gathers all the input files in the group and creates a ZIP file to hold them. The ZIP file is submitted as a single print job. You must have a step in the workflow that unzips the file unless the other steps can process a file in ZIP file format.
  • In the updated user interface, you can submit all the input files in a hot folder with the Batch all action on the input device as long as the Batching method is not JDF or Pattern. The Batch all action does not wait for the Polling interval to be reached before creating the jobs.
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