Properties portlet

The Properties portlet lists the property values for a workflow or step template selected in the Workflow Objects portlet or for a step or connector selected in the Workflow Editor portlet.

  • This portlet is only available in the legacy user interface.

You can view and change the values of properties for workflows, step templates, steps, and connectors.

The Properties portlet on the Workflow page with properties for a step template displayed.

Step templates and the steps created from them have the same properties. The icon in the upper left corner of the portlet shows whether the properties are for a step template or step. The icon for step templates is Step template icon. Each step has its own icon. For example, the AssignJobValues step has this icon: AssignJobValues step icon

To see the full text of a property value that does not fit in the Properties portlet, click the value and use the right arrow.

To change the value of a property, click Properties (Properties icon).

To see information about any of the properties, hover over a property and click the Question mark icon icon that appears.

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