Media substitution

You can use media substitution rules to change the media that a job requests. The substitution rules can be applied to all printers in your installation or only to a single printer.

You might need to substitute media in a variety of situations:

  • If your shop has run out of a media named Blue Paper 50gsm, but you have jobs that request Blue Paper 50 gsm that must be printed by a certain deadline, you can substitute Blue Paper 40gsm for Blue Paper 50gsm for all printers. Jobs that request Blue Paper 50gsm can be scheduled to and printed on printers that have Blue Paper 40gsm identified as Media supported.
  • If a customer submits jobs that request a media named Letter, but you only have a media object named 8.5x11, you can create a rule that always replaces requests for Letter with 8.5x11.
  • If the two printer models in your environment report different names or property values for the same media, you can create a substitution rule for one printer to equate one name to the other so that Ricoh ProcessDirector sends the correct media information to each printer.
    For example, if Printer 1 reports Red media when it is loaded in a tray while Printer 2 reports the same media as Bright Red, you could create a rule for Printer 2 that substitutes Red for Bright Red so that any job requesting Red media can print on either printer.

If you have more than one rule set that applies to a printer, the rules will be applied in order from the top down — the rule that is listed first is completed first, and the rule that is listed last is completed last. This is referred to as “chaining” media substitution rules.

For example, if you have a rule that changes Media 1 to Media 2 on Printer 1, and you have another rule that changes Media 2 to Media 3 on Printer 1, this means that all media on Printer 1 eventually become Media 3. The first rule converts all Media 1 to Media 2. The second rule converts all Media 2, including the media that just changed from Media 1 to Media 2, to Media 3.
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