Ricoh ProcessDirector uses media objects to represent physical media. Like printer objects, media objects are representations of physical objects outside of the system. Each media object represents a type of paper, envelope or other material that your printers can print on. You can define media objects for each type of media that you use in your environment. Ricoh ProcessDirector uses those media objects to map the media requested by a job with the physical media that is loaded in the printer.

Media objects in Ricoh ProcessDirector are useful if you print on several kinds of media and have printers that refer to the same media by different names. You might want to refer to the media with the same name. For example, you might want to refer to a specific media as LETTER, even if one printer's media catalog calls it LETTER and the other calls it 8.5x11. By defining media objects with enough information about the properties of the media that distinguish them from one another in your operation, Ricoh ProcessDirector can send the right information to the printer to select the correct media.

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