Workflow Editor (updated user interface)

The Workflow Editor page lets you create, edit, and view workflows.

A workflow consists of:

  • Steps grouped in phases
  • Connectors between steps
For each step, you see its icon and name. If a connector has a conditional processing rule, you see the name of the rule.
The Workflow Editor with the PDFProduction workflow displayed.

To add a step, click Step Templates in the top right corner of the window to open the list of available steps. Click a step template and drag it into the workflow editor. Place the step where you want it.

You can resize phases to fit more steps. Hover over the right end of the phase until the cursor changes then click and drag the phase bar until the phase is big enough for your needs.

  • If you place the new step over a connector, you must delete the connector, and reconnect the two steps that were previously joined by the connector to the new step.

To add a connector between steps:

  1. Hover over the edge of the step. Click and hold a highlighted section (Image of step connector handle) to make the connector appear.
  2. Drag the connector onto the step that you want the step to connect to. Wait until a section of the step is highlighted, and release the mouse button. You can attach the connector to the top, bottom, or either side of the step.

If the step has more than one outbound connector, it is important to specify the conditions that determine which connector to evaluate first. The evaluation is done with rules set on the connector. To associate a rule with a connector:

  1. Right-click the connector and select Properties.
  2. Specify a conditional processing rule for the connector.
  3. Specify the Order of execution property value so that the conditions for the rule are tested in the correct order. If a step is connected to three different steps, Ricoh ProcessDirector first attempts to send each job through the connector with an Order of execution value of 1. If a job does not meet the conditions for that connector, Ricoh ProcessDirector attempts to send the job through the connector with an Order of execution value of 2. If a job does not meet those conditions either, Ricoh ProcessDirector attempts to send the job through the next connector in the execution order and so on. The order is shown in a dot next to the rule name on the connector label.

To change any other properties for a step or connector, right-click it and select Properties.

To change the order of the steps, drag a step to a new position. The connectors reposition themselves as the step moves. You can also use your left mouse button to draw a box around the set of steps you want to move. Drag inside one of the dashed boxes that appear and release the mouse button when the steps are positioned where you want them.

To delete a step or connector, right-click it and select Delete. Deleting a step that is connected to other steps also deletes the connectors.

To search the Workflow Editor for a specific step, you click the Search (Search icon) in the top right corner and enter the step name in the search field that appears.

To reposition the workflow in the window, click the Map (Image of Map button) icon. In the Map window, a rectangle shows what part of the workflow is currently displayed. To zoom in and out, click and drag the circle in the lower right corner of the rectangle, use the mouse wheel, or the Ctrl + and Ctrl - keys. Click and drag the rectangle to show different parts of the workflow. Click and drag the top of the Map window to move it to a different location on the screen. Click and drag the top right corner of the Map window to resize it. Click the Reset action to restore the Map window to its default size and location.

Save the workflow by selecting Save workflow or Save workflow as from the More menu to the left of the workflow name.

When you are ready to use the workflow, enable it by clicking the Enable switch (Image of switch) to the left of the workflow. Ricoh ProcessDirector validates the workflow when you enable it. If any steps are not connected properly, Ricoh ProcessDirector issues a message.

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