Configuring to send jobs to a printer that uses Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server

Sending print jobs to a Ricoh TotalFlow printer requires specific configuration steps on the printer and in Ricoh ProcessDirector.

A printer that uses Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server can receive various types of print jobs. The type of job you plan to send determines the type of printer object that you create in Ricoh ProcessDirector and the configuration settings that you use on the printer itself.

Data Stream Printer/Control Unit Ricoh ProcessDirector Printer Type
PDF VC60000 or VC40000 Ricoh TotalFlow
Ricoh Cutsheet printer that is supported by Ricoh ProcessDirector

Ricoh PDF Printer
Ricoh Cutsheet printer that is not in the supported printer list Ricoh TotalFlow
Other Any Passthrough

PDF jobs can be controlled either using Ricoh ProcessDirector or at the printer using TotalFlow Print Server.

  • When Ricoh ProcessDirector is set up to control the printer, the PDF jobs are sent to the printer and printed in the order in which Ricoh ProcessDirector sent them.
  • When TotalFlow Print Server is set up to control the printer, Ricoh ProcessDirector spools the PDF jobs to the printer. The operator uses the TotalFlow Print Server console to release the jobs to the printer.
    In this case, the job remains in the Spooled at printer state in Ricoh ProcessDirector. If a user moves the job from the Active Jobs state to the Inactive Jobs state on the printer console or deletes the job from the printer, Ricoh ProcessDirector changes the state of the job to Status changed on printer. An operator can use the Print again or Restart step action to send the job to the printer again. Or, if the job printed successfully, the operator can use the Go to next step action, to continue processing the job through the workflow.

    If Ricoh ProcessDirector is restarted when jobs are in the Spooled at printer state, Ricoh ProcessDirector changes the state of the jobs to Error. The jobs might have already printed.

    If the Merge banner pages into PDF print file property is set to No, the header page, PDF job, and trailer page are spooled at the printer as separate files. The printer could print the files out of sequence. To avoid this problem, set the property to Yes, do not print banner pages, or move the files at the same time. For example, move the files to the Inactive Jobs state or the Active Jobs state at the same time.

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