InfoPrint Advanced Function Presentation Software

Determining the printing needs of your company and selecting the software that best meets these needs are important steps in improving your printing operations. Refer to Guide To Advanced Function Presentation G544-3876, for a description of available AFP software.

You need to order Print Services Facility (PSF) licensed programs for the operating system of each host to which your printer will be attached. AFP Software Summary lists the PSF licensed programs that the InfoPrint Solutions Company requires for use with its Advanced Function Printers.

Contact your marketing representative for the minimum PSF levels and prerequisites and limitations that apply for supporting the printer.

AFP Software Summary

InfoPrint Manager can be used along with the SNMP support in the printer to monitor the status of the printer remotely. SNMP support in the printer also gives faster effect at the printer when it is purging pages for the InfoPrint Manager "Forward Space and Backward Space" function.