SNMP Remote Access

Printers that are connected to a LAN may be accessed by SNMP. The InfoPrint Network Printer Manager is a free application that runs on Windows. It may be downloaded by accessing and searching on Infoprint Network Printer Manager. This application uses the SNMP interface to obtain configuration and status information about the printer.

All or part of the following Management Information Bases (MIBs) are supported by the InfoPrint 4100 Controller. The ASN.1 documents identified in the tables below are on the InfoPrint 4100 User Information CD and on the InfoPrint Solutions Company web site ( These may be used in conjunction with a MIB browser, or by customer written applications.

Table 11. MIB variables supported by the InfoPrint 4100 controller
MIB Description ASN.1 Document Comments
Printer MIB (RFC 3805) Printer-MIB.txt
Host Resources MIB (RFC 2790) HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.txt
MIB-2(RFC 1213) RFC1213-MIB.txt Supported Groups:
  • system
  • interfaces
  • at (address translation)
  • ip
  • icmp
  • tcp
  • udp
  • snmp
Unsupported Groups
  • egp (extended gateway protocol)
  • transmission

The following ASN.1 documents are imported by one or more of the supported MIB documents listed in the previous table and are useful for compiling the MIBs into a MIB browser. These documents contain Structure of Management Information (SMI) definitions, Object Identifiers, textual conventions that are referenced by the ASN.1 documents. Some of these documents contain additional MIB variable definitions. Their inclusion does not imply that they are supported by the InfoPrint 4100 controller. The MIB variables supported by the InfoPrint 4100 controller are as documented in Table 11.

Table 12. ASN.1 documents
Reference ASN.1 Document
RCF 2863 IF-MIB.txt (see note)
RCF 3418 SNMPv2-MIB.txt (see note)
RCF 2578 SNMPv2-SMI.txt
RCF 2579 SNMPv2-TC.txt
These documents contain MIB variable definitions that are not supported by the InfoPrint 4100 controller, but they also contain declarations that are needed to compile the other ASN.1 documents.