Adapter cable features

Each installation requires custom planning for adapter cabling. Often the facility infrastructure dictates the type of cable that will be used, the connectors that are available, and the length of cable that is required. Also, the network adapter feature being ordered will support a particular cable type and connector.

Jumper cables and converter kits are available as cable features. The jumper cables have a standard connector on each end. The converter kits are short cables with a connector on one end and a receptacle on the other end. A standard connector will plug into a receptacle of the same type (for example LC to LC (R)).

One or more of the chargeable cable features may be ordered with the printer. There is a non-chargeable feature code that may be selected when no cable will be ordered with the adapter (customer supplied cable). In some cases the cable features shown will not meet the requirements of the installation and cables will have to be provided using an alternate method.

If the customer is supplying the cable, make sure the customer has the adapter feature information that specifies cable type and connector type (from Table 6.)