Universal printer pre- and postprocessing interface (UP3I)

The universal printer pre- and postprocessing interface (UP3I) is an industry standard intelligent LAN interface that connects production printers, inline pre- and postprocessing devices, workflow managers, and remote operating stations. UP3I uses the industry standard IEEE 1394a "Firewire" connectivity architecture to provide high speed two way communications between the printer control unit and pre- and postprocessing devices.

Universal Printer Pre- and Postprocessing Interface UP3I

With the UP3I feature enabled, you can check the status of your UP3I devices and enable or disable them from the printer console:

For additional information, refer to the Planning and Configuration Guide.

UP3I provides the following improvements:

System requirements

The following items are required to fully implement UP3I:

The following printer models support UP3I:

The InfoPrint Solutions Company ships the following items:

You need to order the following items from other vendors:

Make sure you use pre- and postprocessing devices that are UP3I capable.

Table 5. UP3I device configurations

PPFA UP3I support

UP3I functionality must be written into your FORMDEF.

A UP3I finishing interface is being added to Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA). The function is supported at the print file and document level by coding the keyword "UP3I" and its related parameters on the Form Definition, and at the medium level, using "UP3I" and its parameters on the COPYGROUP command. For specific information, refer to the InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid: User's Guide by accessing http://www infoprint.com and entering InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid in the search field.

Conduit support for UP3i

InfoPrint Manager and Print Services Facility (PSF) for OS/390 and z/OS provide conduit support for UP3I, meaning that you can submit jobs that have UP3I functionality written into the formdef through these applications.

For more information about the InfoPrint Manager go to http://www infoprint.com and search on InfoPrint Manager for Windows or InfoPrint Manager for AIX.

For more information about the PSF for OS/390 and z/OS products go to http://www infoprint.com and search on Print Services Facility for OS/390