Simulating Color with Gray Printing

This standard feature, sometimes referred to as gray-scale printing, simulates color using gray tones, allowing color Advanced Function Printing™ (AFP) jobs to be printed on InfoPrint 4100 printing systems. This minimizes the need for duplicate print applications, one for color printers and one for monochrome printers.

Simulating color with gray

Printer Definition -> PDL -> IPDS

The Gray-Scale feature accepts the following AFP™ color objects and converts them to shades of gray:

Continuous tone color IOCA images (FS45) are not supported by this feature.

Other kinds of color objects may need to be transformed before printing. IBM® includes color transforms in the following program products:

While these PostScript transforms may be used to convert Embedded PostScript (EPS) objects, these objects are not intended to be printed standalone. They may lack the PostScript showpage command necessary for physical printing or the PostScript positioning commands necessary for correct orientation and printing on a physical page.