Multiple-up Printing

Basic N-up Page Positioning

With N-Up Page Positioning, you can print up to four pages in partitions on one side of a form, which enables you to print much more data on a form, saving printer-usage costs, paper, and storage space. See Table 3 for a listing of Print Services Facility (PSF) software that supports N-Up printing. Figure 19 is an example of 2-up printing.

Figure 19. 2-up printing
2-up printing


Enhanced N-up Page Positioning

With Enhanced N-Up Page Positioning, you can place up to four pages at any location on a form--both sides of the form for duplex systems-- in any orientation, and of any size. Refer to the appropriate PSF publication for your system for more information. See Table 3 for a listing of PSF software that supports Enhanced N-Up printing.

Cut Sheet Emulation

Cut Sheet Emulation (CSE) is an option that automatically invokes an Enhanced N-Up arrangement to emulate 2 side-by-side sheets of cut paper. Duplex jobs print page 2 on the back of page 1 and page 4 on the back of page 3. CSE provides for different page arrangements to accommodate different postprocessing requirements. Pages can be placed sequentially from left to right or right to left and right side up or upside down.

A default value for CSE is set in the printer definition. Different CSE values can be set when form values are established. The default setting is used for all forms that do not have a different value defined.

CSE requires support in Print Services Facility™ (PSF). The console option for CSE has no effect unless the printer has a PSF that supports CSE. See Table 3 for a listing of PSF software that supports CSE printing. For more information on PSF, refer to the appropriate PSF publication.

When the CSE option is enabled, all jobs sent to the printer print 2-up, side by side except when:

Options for Multiple-up Printing

With Page Positioning and Cut Sheet Emulation (CSE) to choose from, you now have several options for formatting multiple-up application pages on a single printer sheet:

Applications printing simple line data that use the same formatting for each page can easily be handled with traditional multiple-up. They can be handled as well by N-Up Page Positioning and Cut Sheet Emulation if they do not require more than 4 pages for N-Up or more than 2 for CSE on printers that support N-Up and CSE.

CSE can be used whenever the desired output is 2 pages of equal size side by side on the same sheet. CSE is especially useful for moving applications from 8.5 x 11 in. forms to 2-up printing on 11 x 17 in. forms. No change is required to the AFP™ form definition resource to enable CSE 2-Up printing. The same form definition can be used for printing 1-up on 8.5 x 11 in. forms or 2-up on 11 x 17 in. forms.

N-Up Page Positioning is needed for applications that required pages of different sizes or page positioning other than 2-up side by side. Instructions must be placed in the form definition for N-Up printing.