Installation Planning Work Sheet

Before your printer is delivered, prepare a site installation plan. Use the following work sheet to ensure that all of the pre-installation requirements are met.

Table 54. InfoPrint 4100 installation planning work sheet
Requirements Meets Requirements: Needs Attention: Assigned to: Date Due: Date Completed:
Relative Humidity
Storage space for supplies
Delivery rout
 Can be reached by cables?
 Correctly grounded?
 Meet local and national codes?
Building branch circuit:
 Correctly grounded?
  Is there a separate ground wire (not just conduit) for all connections from the printer and pre/postprocessors that go to the ground bus bar of the circuit breaker box?
 Are the ground wire and the neutral wire between the circuit breaker box and the source (building ground) separate wires?
 Are the printer engine power and the control unit power going to the same circuit breaker box?
 Enough power to meet needs?
Note that the maximum load for low-voltage 60 Hz machines is 55 Amps. Customer circuits must have sufficient rating to comply with local electrical code.
 Meets local and national  codes?
   Host System Attachment
Ethernet cables and connectors
FICON channel cables
ESCON channel cables