InfoPrint 4100 Models MS1, MD1/2, TS1, and TD1/2 Supplies Work Sheet

Table 50. Supplies work sheet for InfoPrint 4100 Models MS1, MD1/2, TS1 and TD1/2
Supply Item Part Number Minimum Order Quantity Quantity Needed
InfoPrint Version 2 Toner 3.0 kg (6.6 lb) cartridge 69G7377 1 carton (4 cartridges per carton)
InfoPrint Version 2 Developer (octagonal symbol on cap) 4.0 kg (8.8 lb) bottle 69G7370 1 carton (2 bottles per carton)
Fuser Oil 1-kg (2.2-lb) bottle 17R7655 1 carton (1 bottle per carton)  
Oiler Belt 17R7656 1 carton (1 belt per carton)  
Oil Pan Absorbent Pad 18R0409 1 carton (1 pad per carton)  
Fine Filter 1372464 1 carton (1 filter per carton)  
Extra Toner Bags 28P0446 1 carton (25 bags per carton)  
Splicing Tape 4165880 1 carton (72 rolls per carton)  
PTFE Mat (with FC 4941) 44D8243 1 package (4 mats per package)
Refer to and select Supplies for information about estimated supplies yields.