Copying Snapshots from the AFCCU to the InfoPrint Controller

Do this procedure to copy Snapshots from the AFCCU control unit to the InfoPrint Controller.

The diskette that you use to do the following steps must be formatted so that no other data exists on the diskette.
  1. Do the following on the AFCCU control unit:
    1. Insert a diskette into the diskette drive in the AFCCU control unit.
    2. Select Maintenance -> Diskette Operations to display the Diskette Operations panel.
    3. Select Create Recovery Diskette to load the Snapshots file (cnfgdata.bak) to the diskette.
    4. Copy the file from the diskette to a personal workstation that has a USB port.
    5. Insert a USB flash memory device into the workstation and copy the Snapshots file to it.
      Attention: Make sure the USB flash memory device you use does not contain a file named config.bak.
  2. Do the following on the InfoPrint Controller:
    1. Plug the USB flash memory device into the keyboard on the InfoPrint Controller keyboard.
    2. Select Maintenance -> Backup and Recovery to display the Backup and Recovery panel.
    3. Select Load Configuration. This displays a window that lists items to read from the recovery USB device.
  3. Do the following to load the Snapshots from the diskette to the control unit:
    1. Select Snapshots on the window that lists items to read from the recovery USB device.
    2. Select OK.
    3. On the resulting window, you can select whether to add only unique Snapshots, replace all Snapshots, or add unique Snapshots and replace Snapshots that are not unique.
      If you select Replace all snapshots or Add unique plus replace non-unique snapshots, the Snapshots on the diskette drive will overlay Snapshots that have the same name on the printer. Default Snapshots provided with the printer cannot be overlaid or deleted.
    4. Select OK.
      Select Summary to see a list of Snapshots currently on the printer.