Saving Print Quality Settings to a Snapshot

Do this procedure to save a Snapshot that contains your changed print quality settings. You can save your settings to a new Snapshot or change an existing one that you want to use for checking print quality settings.

  1. Select the Forms Settings panel (Forms -> Forms Settings). Select the paper weight range for the paper you are printing.
  2. Select the Print Quality panel (Printer Definition -> Print Quality). In the Recommended Settings field, select the appropriate range for the paper weight you selected in the Forms Settings panel. This sets the print quality settings to the optimal values based on the paper weight you selected and the toner installed in your printer.
  3. Run some print samples using these settings.
  4. If you need to adjust the print quality settings after running the print samples, select the Print Quality panel (Printer Definition -> Print Quality) and review the current print quality settings. See Understanding Print Quality for more information about setting print quality values.
  5. Select the Snapshots panel (Frequent Tasks -> Snapshots) and make sure that all printer and forms settings are set the way you want them. See Creating and saving Snapshots for more information.
  6. Select Save current settings as.... You will be prompted to enter the name of the Snapshot you want to save. The Name field will be filled in with the previously saved Snapshot. You can save it with that name or specify a new name.
  7. Select Close to return to the Main panel.