Editing multiple Snapshots

Before changing values in a Snapshot and saving the changed Snapshot, you should review all printer and forms settings that are saved to Snapshots. Use Table 49 to see which values are saved and where those values are defined on the console touch panels.

Do this procedure to edit the values saved in Snapshots:

  1. Before making changes to your Snapshot settings, you should consider whether to save the current settings. Do the following to create a backup copy of your current Snapshot settings:
    1. Plug the USB flash memory device into the InfoPrint Controller keyboard.
    2. Select Maintenance -> Backup and Recovery to display the Backup and Recovery panel.
    3. Select Create Backup to copy the Snapshots file (config.bak) to the USB flash memory device.
    4. Remove the USB flash memory device from the printer keyboard.
  2. Select the Snapshots panel (Frequent Tasks -> Snapshots).
  3. Select the wrench to open the Edit Snapshot window. From this window you can change values for one or more Snapshot settings and you can save your changed settings.
    1. Select a cell in one or more Snapshots for the setting you want to change. When selecting cells in more than one Snapshot, press and hold the CTRL key while selecting the cell in each of the desired Snapshots.
    2. Select Edit... to open the editing window for the selected setting.
    3. Select or type the new value and select OK to save your change.
  4. Select Close to return to the Main panel.