Defining Adapters

This procedure lets you view or edit the adapter settings of an installed adapter.

The following adapters are available:

Before you install an adapter or change a definition value for an adapter, please review the configuration settings for the type of adapter you are changing (see the table of printer definition items beginning on ***).

Before you print the adapter configuration, ensure that all IPDS protocols are disabled. See "Enabling and Disabling Protocols" in the Operator's Guide for more information. You do not need to disable IPDS protocols if you are viewing or changing the configuration.

Defining Adapters

Printer Definition -> Network -> Attachments -> Ethernet Fiber or Copper Integrated #1 | Ethernet Fiber or Copper Integrated #2 | Ethernet Fiber NIC, slot n | Ethernet Copper NIC, slot n | FICON Link A, slot n| FICON Link B, slot n| ESCON Link A, slot n | ESCON Link B, slot n


Selecting Restart may be required in these cases: