Testing Forms and Applications

An ideal application for the printer would print standard-font text and simple images on plain white paper, 75-g/m2 (20-lb) bond. This paper would be manufactured specifically for use in nonimpact printers, and would be free of binder holes, cut-outs, and other cuts. The page layout would keep text and images away from perforations. After leaving the printer, output from an ideal application would be allowed to cool, and would receive minimal handling, rubbing, and creasing.

When it is processing an ideal application, the printer can deliver maximum print quality and reliability. With applications that deviate from the ideal, print quality may decrease, and the need for operator interventions may increase. This does not mean that the printer cannot be used for the application; it does mean that you need to test the application.

For detailed information on deciding what forms and applications to test and how to test them, refer to Forms Design Reference for Continuous Forms Advanced Function Printers