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Application Environment

In IPDS(TM) mode, the printer supports the IBM(R) Advanced Function Presentation(TM) (AFP) licensed programs. These programs let application developers take advantage of many special kinds of printing, including bar code and optical character recognition (OCR) output.

The printer supports FOCA (Font Object Content Architecture), which allows printing with outline fonts. Outline fonts give you more choices of fonts with substantially less storage requirements.

The printer prints optical character recognition (OCR) characters and bar code applications and most standard OCR fonts and bar code BCOCA (Bar Code Object Content Architecture) formats.

The printer processes advanced function printing functions. These functions use the Intelligent Printer Data Stream(TM) (IPDS) to drive the printer. Refer to the IBM Product Description, G544-3895, or the Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference, S544-3417, for more information. Also see Advanced Function Presentation Licensed Programs for a listing of AFP(TM) software. Refer to Table 7 for a listing of printer model choices as they relate to channel/adapter attachment choices.