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Print on Demand

Certain Infoprint 4000 models can be set to operate in Print On Demand (POD) mode. All Infoprint 4100 models are able to operate in Print On Demand (POD) mode. Print On Demand (POD) mode works with an Infoprint Manager for AIX server to cache one copy of a job in the printer and then print it multiple times. The job does not begin printing until the entire job is stored in the printer's memory. Print On Demand (POD) mode can also be used to store a job in the printer that may otherwise not print at rated speed. When the printer definition in the Infoprint Manager server is set to "Optimize for multiple copies", it activates the job caching for any printer in Print On Demand (POD) mode.

For more information about Print on Demand (POD) Services, refer to Print on Demand Executive Summary and Planning Guide, G544-3876 and Print on Demand User's Guide, G544-5325.

See your IBM(R) marketing representative for more information about the hardware and software required for Print on Demand.