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CCD with Blue, Green, or Red Toners

These features provide a Customer Changeable Developer with blue, green, or red toners. The AFCCU in the Infoprint 4000 and 4100 Models works with your AFP applications and Print Services Facility (PSF) printing subsystem to print one highlight color on a page in addition to black printing. Printer 1 prints the black portion of the page and Printer 2 prints color. You can print at rated speed of the printer, allowing you to take advantage of highlight color without sacrificing the high throughput of your roll-feed production printers.

A developer cart DOES NOT ship standard with these features.

With color toners, IBM increases the application flexibility of the Infoprint 4000 and 4100 families of printers. You can now choose to print simplex jobs with black toner and a highlight color, or the reverse side of a duplex job can be printed with a different color. The Customer Changeable Developer (CCD) feature of the Infoprint 4000 or 4100 families of printers allows you to switch from printing black duplex jobs to simplex jobs with a highlight color without the need to engage IBM Service to change developers and toner.

The ability to have important items highlighted in color printing provides a powerful means to communicate with your customers. In addition, the ability to print "Terms and Conditions" in a different color on the reverse side of a statement saves the cost of buying and storing many preprinted forms.

See Using highlight color with the Infoprint 4000 and Infoprint 4100 for more information about using highlight color.