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Advanced Function Postprocessing Interface

This feature provides the electrical interface for attachment of OEM postprocessing equipment. This feature provides architected software and communications control of add-on pre/postprocessing devices such as printers using nonelectrophotographic technology, MICR impact printers, or selectable color printers.

When this feature is to be used to attach the MICR impact printer, order RPQ 8A8083 for the MICR fonts for AFP support. This feature may co-reside with pre/postprocessing interface. A maximum of one of this feature code may be ordered for each engine.

This feature is required for Select Medium Modifications (SMM) support. IPDS supports a command, Select Medium Modifications (SMM), which selects one or more actions or modifications to be taken or inhibited on the current sheet of physical media (paper) being processed by postprocessing equipment. SMM is supported for both production and Print on Demand printing environments. SMM is needed for all advanced function postprocessing interface commands with the exception of MICR Imprinter printing. SMM support is not available on all PSF platforms.