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Function/Performance Enhancements for AFCCU with Microcode Version 11.x and Earlier

Three new Function/Performance Enhancement features replace the printer control unit with the latest RISC technology.

The first, available on the Infoprint 4000 Models ID2, ID4, IS1, and IS2, includes a 1-way processor with 256 MB of memory. The second, available on the Infoprint 4000 Printer Model IR4, includes a 4-way processor with 2 GB of memory. These new features improve performance and reduce the likelihood of backhitching. They also provide more support for new functions, such as the Enhanced Operator Console and Customer Changeable Developer optional features on the Infoprint 4000. These new features supersede the previous Function Enhancement-PCI feature.

The third is an optional feature for Infoprint 4100 Models HS2, HD2, HD4, and PD2 that provides a faster processor and increased memory to improve performance when printing in POD mode with an Infoprint Manager host.