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Duplex System Printing Methods

Simplex printing refers to printing on one side of a form. Duplex printing refers to printing on both sides of a form.

You can operate these printers as follows:

Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is achieved by arranging both printers in series, separated by a buffer/flipper unit, in a configuration that takes the continuous forms exiting from the first printer through a buffer/flipper unit that turns the forms over (inverts them) before threading them through the second printer. The first printer in the paper path prints one side of a form; the second printer in the paper path prints the other side of the form. See Physical Dimensions for approximate dimensions of the printers, control units, and buffer/flipper units. See Buffer/Flipper Unit for optional and required buffer/flipper units for each configuration.

The following are suggested printer system configurations for duplex printing:

Alternative configurations should be discussed with your IBM marketing representative.

The forms path can be:

When running duplex printing applications, both printers in the configuration are operating at the same impressions per minute (ipm) speed. The total speed or ipm of the subsystem is then twice the ipm of an individual printer, counting both the front and back sides of the forms.

For Infoprint 4000 printers, up to three preprocessing/postprocessing devices may be connected to Printer 1, while Printer 2 may have two devices connected. For Infoprint 4100 printers, up to four preprocessing/postprocessing devices may be connected to Printer 1, while Printer 2 may have four devices connected.

The Forms Identification Barcode feature uses a pre/postprocessing connection slot.

Both printers in the configuration attach to a host system through the control unit, which controls both printers simultaneously and is physically attached to Printer 2 in the configuration.

Simplex and Dual Simplex Printing

The configuration shown in Left-Angle Configuration for Dual Simplex Printing supports printing as follows: