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Creating a Snapshot

Snapshots allow you to "take a picture" of some of the essential printer configuration items that you set in the Printer Definition tab and the form settings that you specify in the Forms tab. Snapshots allow you to save printer and form settings that you may use frequently in your environment. Table 40 shows the settings that you can save in a Snapshot.

Creating or updating a Snapshot involves setting values for a form and setting other printer definition values, including values for Print Quality, Basic printer definitions, Registration, and Pre/Post Processing. Table 40 lists the values that you see in a snapshot.

The CE can specify whether to save all the following configuration settings or whether to save only form settings in a Snapshot on the Printer Definition -> Printer -> Advanced -> Snapshot Mode configuration item.

Table 40. Snapshot values
Forms -> Form Settings Printer Definition -> Print Quality Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic Forms -> Print Registration Printer Definition -> Pre/Post- processing
  • Length
  • Width
  • Unit of measure for the width and length
  • Tractorless Side Verify Mark Location
  • Form Name
  • Host Setup ID
  • Form Barcode
  • Form type (tractorless or with tractor holes)
  • Oversize Paper
  • Paper Weight
  • Contrast
  • Boldness
  • Preheat Temperature
  • Fuser Temperature
  • Oil Rate
  • Oil Belt speed
  • Backup Idler Roll usage
  • POD Mode *
  • Printer Speed *
  • POD Mode *
  • Cutsheet Emulation
  • Printhead Resolution
  • IPDS Resolution
  • Front Sheet Sequence
  • Same Side Printing *
  • Eject to Front Facing
  • Auto NPRO at EOF
  • Reprint Pages after Jams
  • Direct Attach
  • Paper Feed Direction for Printer 2
  • Paper Feed direction for Printer 1
  • Across Paper Feed direction for Printer 2
  • Across Paper Feed direction for Printer 1
  • Use Internal Stacker
  • Offsetter Enabled
  • BTS Enabled
  • Offset on Mark Forms
* Indicates features that may or may not be installed on your printer.

Snapshots affect how the print job is printed. You can create and save your own Snapshot using the default Snapshots as a template. And you can select and load a specific Snapshot when you want to print a job that has the same requirements as those specified in a particular Snapshot. You can also make changes to your Snapshots and saved them on your printer. You can view the Snapshot settings by selecting the Show Details... button on the Snapshots panel.

  1. Loading snapshots changes the printer configuration.
  2. Printer configuration changes cause NACKs to the host.
  3. The host will reprint any pages that need to be reprinted due to configuration changes.