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Options for Duplex Models

Printer 1 of a duplex system has three Preprocessing/Postprocessing interface ports and Printer 2 has two interface ports. Port 1 in each printer has an interface adaptor installed as a standard feature that may used either for a preprocessing or postprocessing device (hereafter called Pre/Post).

One or two additional optional Pre/Post device interface adaptors may be installed in Ports 2 and 3 of Printer 1, or an optional Advanced Function Postprocessing device interface (AF Post) may be installed in either Port 2 of each printer or Port 3 of Printer 1. Printer 2 uses Port 3 for Side 1/Side 2 Verify. Allowable combinations for each printer are shown in Table 36.

  1. The Forms Identification Barcode feature uses a port in Printer 1 and could use an additional port in Printer 2 if you are printing in dual simplex mode.
  2. Infoprint 4100 models HS2, H3/4 can have up to four pre-/postprocessing device interfaces per engine.
Table 36. Preprocessing/postprocessing interface options for duplex models
Port Configuration Options
1 Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post
2 -- Pre/Post Pre/post AF Post Pre/Post AF Post
3 -- -- Pre/Post -- AF Post Pre/Post