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Defining the Host Attachments

This procedure lets you view or edit the definition settings of an installed attachment.

The printer can have multiple sets of definition data: one for each mode in which the printer can run. To update a definition for a particular mode, the printer must be running in that mode (for example, POD mode or Duplex mode).

The following host attachments are available:

Table 7 defines the host attachments available.

Before you change a definition value, please review the information in Table 34 for the attachment definition you are changing.

Before you print the attachment configuration, ensure that all attachments are disabled. See "Enabling and Disabling Attachments" in the Operator's Guide for more information. You do not need to disable attachments if you are viewing or changing the configuration.

Defining Host Attachments

Printer Definition -> Attachments-> Parallel channel|ESCON channel|FICON channel|TCP/IP token ring|TCP/IP Ethernet|TCP/IP FDDI


Selecting Restart requires one of the following: