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Stacking Forms

The stacker can stack forms prefolded from 7 to 14 inches (178 to 356 mm) in length as measured in the process direction (parallel to the tractor holes). 7.0 in. to 17 in. (147.3 to 356 mm) for Infoprint 4100 models.

  1. The prefolded forms length does not have to be identical to the forms length printed (as specified in the defined forms). For example: A 3-inch form may have been prefolded with three forms between folds (a 9-inch prefolded length).
  2. Roll forms cannot be stacked. For these and other applications you must have suitable post-processing equipment installed and enabled on the printer, which disables the stacker.

Continuous forms are folded and stacked on a stacker table. As the height of the form stack increases, the stacker table lowers until the printing stops or until the stacker is full.

You can adjust the length and width of the stacker to fit the size of forms being used. The two shortest lengths of the common-use sizes, 3½ and 5½ inches, are prefolded two lengths at a time, in folds of 7 and 11 inches, respectively.

The two shortest lengths of ISO sizes, 3½ and 3 inches, are folded two and three lengths at a time, in folds of 7 and 9 inches, respectively. Forms that are 6 inches long are folded in 12-inch lengths.