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Optical Character Recognition and Bar Code Applications

You can use the printer for optical character recognition (OCR) and bar code applications.

Because of variations in OCR readers and bar-code scanners, be sure that you test the printer OCR and bar code output with the actual readers and scanners that you use in your processing environment. Testing Forms and Applications has more information related to testing OCR and bar code output.

For more information about OCR and bar-code printing, refer to:

See your IBM(R) marketing representative to obtain these publications.

All of the printers support OCR-A and OCR-B fonts.

IBM supports three methods for processing bar codes:

BCOCA Support

All of the PSFs process BCOCA objects once the objects are generated. IBM supplies the following BCOCA generators:

Other platforms require non-IBM generators to produce BCOCA objects.

BCOCA supports the following bar code types:

Table 16. Bar-code type and modifier combinations for AFCCU(TM) printers
Bar Code Type Modifier
X'01': 3-of-9 Code X'01' and X'02'
X'02': MSI X'01' through X'09'
X'03': UPC/CGPC, Version A X'00'
X'05': UPC/CGPC, Version E X'00'
X'06': UPC, 2-Character Supplemental X'00'
X'07': UPC, 5-Character Supplemental X'00'
X'08': EAN 8 (includes JAN short) X'00'
X'09': EAN 13 (includes JAN standard) X'00'
X'0A': 2-of-5 Industrial X'01' and X'02'
X'0B': 2-of-5 Matrix X'01' and X'02'
X'0C': Interleaved 2-of-5 X'01' and X'02'
X'0D': Codabar X'01' and X'02'
X'11': Code 128 X'02'
X'16': EAN, 2 Digit Add-on X'00'
X'17': EAN, 5 Digit Add-on X'00'
X'18': Postnet X'00' through X'03'
X'1A': RM4SCC X'00'
X'1B': Japan Postal Bar Code X'00' and X'01'
X'1C': Data Matrix 2D Bar Code X'00'
X'1D': MaxiCode 2D Bar Code X'00'
X'1E': PDF 417 2D Bar Code X'00' and X'01'
X'1F': Australian Post Bar Code X'00' through X'08'
X'20': QRCode 2D Bar Code X'02'
X'86': UPC, 2-Character Supplemental X'01' and X'02'
X'87': UPC, 5-Character Supplemental X'01' and X'02'
X'91': Code 128 X'03'
X'96': EAN, 2 Digit Add-on X'01'
X'97': EAN, 5 Digit Add-on X'01'
X'98': Postnet X'04'
X'9A': RM4SCC X'01'

Document Composition Facility (ProgramĀ 5748-XX9)

Bar Codes and Optical Character Recognition Fonts (ProgramĀ 5688-021)