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FDDI Local Area Network

Use attachment Feature Code 9992/4192 for AFCCU microcode level 11.x and earlier. The FDDI attachment support is not offered in AFCCU microcode level 12.0 and later.

You can attach the printer to a host FDDI through the FDDI Single Station fiber adapter. The adapter is installed in the RS/6000(R). The attachment complies with the following:

All models of the Infoprint(R) 4000 printer and Infoprint 4100 can be located a maximum distance of 2 kilometers from the 8260 Multiprotocol Intelligent Switching Hub or RS/6000 processor using 62.5/125 um multi-mode fiber. For more information, refer to 8260 publications.

The FDDI adapter cable PN 54G3375 or PN 19G4867 (20 meters in length) is included with the printer. This cable is 62.5/125 multi-mode fiber, and has a Subscriber Connector (SC) at each end.

The FDDI PCI adapter provides a Subscriber Connector (SC) to attach the multi-mode fiber cable.

You can use FDDI to attach the printer to a host system running Infoprint Manager(R) for Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Refer to IBM publication Planning for Fiber Optic Links GA23-0367 when planning for fiber optic installations.


Because FDDI cables are made of a fiber optic material, you should consider the following limitations when planning the location of a printer with FDDI connections:

For other cable types, contact IBM(R) Connectivity Service through your IBM Marketing Representative.