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Gigabit Ethernet SX (fiber) TCP/IP Local Area Network

Use attachment Feature Code 9972/4172 for AFCCU microcode level 11.x and earlier. Use attachment Feature Code 9672/6472 for AFCCU microcode level 12.0 and later.

The Gigabit Ethernet SX feature is a TCP/IP attachment that offers high-speed data transfers using multi-mode optical fiber.

This feature is also known as 1000BASE-SX Ethernet.

The Gigabit Ethernet SX feature can be used to connect to a print server running PSF or Infoprint Manager software. The connection to the server can be direct (point-to-point) or through standard Gigabit Ethernet SX LAN connections.

The attachment complies with the IEEE 802.3z standard which is part of the IEEE 802.3 (2000) standard.

The Gigabit Ethernet SX attachment is a 1000BASE-SX PCI adapter that utilizes short-wave light and a duplex SC connector to connect to multi-mode optical fiber. When used with 62.5/125um multi-mode fiber the maximum cable segment distance is 275 meters (with 200 MHz-km cable). When used with 50/125 multi-mode fiber the maximum cable segment distance is 500 meters (with 400-500 MHz-km cable).

This attachment supports Jumbo Frames (frames larger than 1500 bytes). Since Jumbo Frame operation is not part of the IEEE 802.3 standard, its implementation should only be used on point-to-point links to another Gigabit Ethernet SX device of the same type.

This attachment is available on all Infoprint 4100 models and Infoprint 4000 models ID5/ID6 and ID3/ID4.