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System/370 Channel Attachment

Use attachment Feature Code 9960/4110 for AFCCU microcode level 11.x and earlier. Use attachment Feature Code 9610/6410 for AFCCU microcode level 12.0 and later.

You can configure System/370(TM) channels to use either DC Interlock (double-tag) mode, or Data-Streaming mode.

You can configure Data-Streaming mode for one of the following transfer rates:

Use the highest data-streaming mode rate supported on the attaching host system.

When connecting directly to a System/370 channel, you can locate the printer at a maximum distance of 122 meters (400) feet from the channel if it is the only control unit on the interface. For each additional control unit ahead of the printer on the channel, the maximum distance is reduced by 4.57 meters (15 feet).

You also can connect the printer to the remote end of either an IBM(R) 3044-II Fiber Optic Channel Extender or an IBM 9034 ESCON(R) Converter to extend the maximum channel length by up to 3 kilometers (1.875 miles).

Connection through a 3044-II is limited to the IBM 4361, ES/4381(TM), ES/9370(TM), and 3090(TM) processing systems only.

The IBM 9034, with either an IBM 9032 or 9033 ESCON Director, further extends the maximum channel length by up to 6 kilometers (3.750 miles) with one 9032/9033 in static connection mode (with RPQ approval), or by up to 9 kilometers (5.625 miles) with two 9032/9033 in static connection mode (with RPQ approval).

The Extended Distance Feature (XDF) on the 9032/9033 ESCON Directors also extends the distance. Submit an RPQ if you require the XDF. The RPQ approval specifies the maximum distance allowed for your environment.

The following figure shows the details of the above connection options, with the distance extensions shown on the Host System side of the diagram.

Figure 22. System/370 parallel channel attachment options
System/370 parallel channel attachment options
  1. 61 meters (200 feet) maximum from PS/2(R) or RISC System/6000(R) (Models 0W1 and D02 only) 122 meters (400 feet) maximum from 4361, 4381, OS/390(R), ES/3090(TM), ES/9370, or ES/9000(R).
  2. When XDF in used in the interface, set the transfer mode between the 9034 and the printer to DC Interlock mode. To keep the performance acceptable, ensure that the cable length between the 9034 and printer is less than 100 feet.
  3. RPQ approval is required for this configuration and distance.
  4. RPQ approval is required and specifies the maximum distance for the environment.
  5. SM = Single Mode (Laser Driver - 20 km maximum distance); MM = Multi Mode (LED Driver - 3 km maximum distance).
  6. The System/370 channel attachment is not recommended for applications that are data intensive and require a high bandwidth.