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Using the Infoprint 4000/4100 to print MICR documents

IBM has long been associated with the negotiable document industry in the form of designing encoders and readers/sorters, and has an understanding of the importance of MICR print quality.

The Infoprint 4000/4100 printers use a specially designed magnetic toner that can print MICR characters with a quality that meets ANSI standards and can withstand the many passes through readers and sorters.

With the Advanced Function Printing (AFP) software interface that is available with all IBM system printers, the Infoprint 4000 can be used to print an entire negotiable document; bypassing commercial check-printing companies and the necessity for pre-printed forms.

The most common use of MICR is for check printing. Specifications of standards requirements for check printing are in the ANSI booklets X9.27 and X9.13.

Figure 14. Front of check
Figure 15. Back of check
  1. There must not be any printing in the area that is the clear band area of the front of the check.
  2. It is recommended that MICR character printing be done with the MICR character line printed in the scan direction only.
  3. The internal stacker cannot be used when printing with MICR toner and a postprocessing device must be used instead. This allows for better cooling. When printing with MICR toner, the printer runs hotter than with non-MICR toners.
  4. A special MICR toner is used in the printer, which contains iron particles. The print does not look as black as with non-MICR toners. This should not be considered a problem, because it is a characteristic of MICR toner.