Using registration marks for top of form

Do this procedure to define or specify registration marks used to register the top of the form. Use the Edit window to change the size and location of the mark.

When using the top-of-form registration mark, a short line is printed at the front edge of the form to indicate the leading edge or top of the form. This mark is used primarily by printer operators or to align the paper in a post processor for cutting and separating the forms at the correct point. You can use this option to indicate the leading edge on perfless paper.

Registration marks are placed relative to the physical edge of the form to allow printing the mark in the tractor strips on tractored forms. The marks are printed in the same location on tractorless forms. See Using the Dual Toner Mark/Side Verify sensor in Duplex mode for information about configuring the printer to use the appropriate sensor when printing on preprinted forms in tractorless mode.


  1. Select Forms -> Special Marks to display the Special Marks panel.
  2. Select Registration Marks for Top of Form in the Special Marks window.
  3. If you want to make changes to the registration mark, select Edit... to display the Edit window and use the following fields to change the size or location of the mark.
  4. Select OK to save your changes.