Unloading the stacker

Do this procedure when you need to remove printed forms from the stacker or when you see the 0796 STACKER FULL message.

This procedure applies only to InfoPrint Models MS1, HS2, MD1/2, and HD3/4 with the internal stacker feature installed.

Some controls you need to use to accomplish this task are available only on the stacker control panel. Some are available on both the printer operator panel and the touchscreen panel.


  1. If it is necessary to stop the printer, press Stop on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel.
  2. If you need to remove all the forms from the forms path, separate the forms at a perforation near the splicing table. Ensure that the end-of-forms sensors are uncovered. Raise the static brush on the splicing table so the forms fall back into the box area or the input area.
  3. If you need to move forms to the stacker, choose one of the following to fuse and move the forms. If END OF FORMS appears, repeat this step again.
  4. On the stacker control panel, press the stacker table Down switch and wait for the stacker table to stop moving.
  5. Open the stacker gate.
  6. If you did not do an NPRO, leave 4 to 5 pages of blank forms attached to the end of the job to ensure correct folding when you resume printing.

    Do not attempt to remove a full stack from the stacker.

  7. Remove the output from the stacker.
  8. On the stacker control panel, press the table UP switch.
  9. Close the stacker gate.
  10. To continue, make the printer Ready by selecting Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel for the affected printer.
    You can adjust the stacker table to limit the stack height. This allows you to adjust the height and weight of the printed forms. This adjustment can cause the STACKER FULL message to appear more frequently. Remember that the stacker needs to be emptied more often as the stack height and weight are reduced. To adjust the stacker table, see About the forms exit area.