Setting printer resolution

Do this procedure to set the IPDS printhead resolution and the IPDS resolution for jobs that the printer will accept from the print server.


  1. Select Printer Definition -> PDL -> IPDS to display the PDL - IPDS panel.
  2. Select either 600 or 480 for IPDS Printhead Resolution.
  3. Select a value for IPDS Resolution. If the printhead resolution is set to 480, the IPDS Resolution is set to 240 and cannot be changed. If the printhead resolution is set to 600, you can set the IPDS Resolution to 240, 300, or 600 dpi, or you can select Automatic. When you select a specific resolution, the printer will only accept jobs in that resolution. When you select Automatic, the printer will accept jobs in any resolution.
  4. Select OK to save your settings and return to the Main touch panel.