Saving changed Snapshots

When you make changes to the settings that affect the print job, you can save these to the currently loaded Snapshot. When you change the settings, the word "Changed" appears by the name of the Snapshot on the Main panel.


Do this procedure to save changed snapshots.

  1. Select the Snapshots panel (Frequent Tasks -> Snapshots) on the touch panel.
  2. Make sure that all printer and forms settings are set the way you want them before saving the changed Snapshot.
    1. Select Show Details... for the currently loaded Snapshot and review the values for the Snapshot in the right pane.
    2. Make any required changes to the printer and forms settings.
      Use Table 9 to see which values are saved in Snapshots and where those values are defined on the console touch panels.
  3. Select Save current settings as.... You will be prompted for the name of the Snapshot you want to save. The name field will be filled in with the previously saved Snapshot. You can save it with that name or specify a new name.
    Remember that the default Snapshots can be modified, but you must save them as a new Snapshot if you want to save those changes.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select Close to return to the Main panel.