Sorting and searching Snapshots


Do this procedure to sort and search your saved Snapshots.

  1. Select the magnifying glass button at the top right corner of the Saved Snapshots list to open an expanded version of the Saved Snapshots table. All parameters saved in Snapshots have their own column in this table, including their creation date and the date that the Snapshot was used last.
    The parameter values are not editable from this table. You can only edit them from their original configuration or definition panels.
  2. You can sort the columns in the following ways:
  3. You can select Save Sort to save your sort. This results in the following actions:
  4. You can search for a specific value by completing the following steps.
    1. Enter the value you are searching for in the Search text field.
    2. Select Search and a case-insensitive search will be performed through all the columns for the first occurrence of the value.
    3. Continue selecting Search to find all occurrences.