Switching from Dual Simplex to Duplex mode

Do not change the print mode in combination with any other configuration changes. It must be done separately. Make other configuration changes after the printer is in the correct print mode.


Do this procedure to switch the printer mode from Dual Simplex to Duplex mode.

  1. On the Main touch panel, select Stop to stop the printer.
  2. On the Main touch panel, select Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic.
  3. Select Duplex for Printer Mode.
  4. Restart Printer 1 when the prompt appears.
    The changes you have made won't take effect until you have restarted the printer. If you make other configuration changes they only apply to the mode you were in before you changed.
  5. Shutdown Printer 2. When the printer restarts it will be in Duplex mode.
  6. Remove any forms still in the printer.
  7. Load paper in both printers and load the Snapshot for Duplex operation.
  8. Do the "Align Forms" procedure. See Aligning tractored forms or Aligning tractorless forms.
  9. Select Start.
    caution 85