Reporting printer usage

You need a Printer Usage Sheet to report printer usage. Figure 33 shows an example. A new Printer Usage Sheet is sent to every customer every month.

Each printer has a usage meter:

The meter advances one position for every 30.48 meters (100 feet) of forms that are processed through the transfer station. The meter reading is used for customer billing.

The counts shown on these printer usage meters may not match the counts shown in Printer 1 Counter and Printer 2 Counter Status area on the Main touch panel.

Figure 32. Printer usage meter
printer usage meter


Do this procedure to print a printer usage report. Do this task on the last working day of each month.

  1. Open the left rear and center rear covers.
  2. Locate the label Page Counter X 100.
  3. Write the numbers on the Printer Usage Sheet exactly as they appear in the printer usage meter:
  4. Fill in the printer serial number, which is on a label below the developer at the front of the machine. This label also has the printer model number.
  5. Fill in the machine type and the date.
  6. Sign the card.
  7. Mail the completed sheet to the InfoPrint Solutions Company.